Assests Value in U.S. Dollars
Cash on Hand
Balance Held in Bank Accounts (checking, savings & business)
Resale Value of Shares (stocks & mutual funds)
Retirement Plans (401K, IRA & pension)
Note: Subtract penalty & taxes from the withdrawable amount
Business Inventory (wholesale value)
Rental Income (from rental properties)
Gold & Silver (at current value)
Loans (money lent to others)
Other Income (gifts, allowances, bonuses)
Total Assets
Liabilities Value in U.S. Dollars
Debts (loans, 1 month mortgage payment, 1 month car payment)
Expenses for the Current Month (rent, utilities, etc.)
Wages Due to Others (personal or business)
Total Liabilities
Total Zakatable Amount
Nisab* (Gold Standard)
Your Zakah
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